Transformation Quick Tips


Whether you are trying to lose a few extra pounds or flexoptima gain muscle and look toned, the following tips/advice will always apply.


1)   Set a clear/attainable goal – To get the proper mindset, you need to know in exactly how long you either want to lose weight or build a certain amount of muscle. The goal can even be something simple like, “I want to be happy with how I look in the mirror within the next 6 months.”


2)   DO NOT GO FOR QUICK RESULTS – Sorry for the caps but, kanabialica this part of the internet is actually not true. The results that you have defined in your goal is not something that can happen in two weeks, trust me I tried.



3)   Take pictures! – Yes I said it! Do not be ashamed of your body, take a before picture and progress pictures at certain milestones during your transformation. These pictures can either be private or you can post them online if you feel that telling others about your goal will further drive you.



4)   The Kitchen – I’m sure many of you have heard the saying that abs are made in the kitchen. Well that is not the only thing made in the kitchen, healthy food which leads to a healthy body comes from there too. There will be recipes for the food that I used in my transformation as well as recipes from “the crew” and other sources on the web.


5)   Calories In vs Calories Out – Calories, calories, calories, what more can I say this is a very important tip when utilized properly. We each have a BMR (Base metabolic rate) which determines how many calories our bodies burn everyday. Basically if we add our BMR to the amount of calories we burned exercise, eating less then that amount will result in weight loss and vice versa. This is the most important principle when it comes planning a diet or planning on gaining muscle. You could lose weight by eating junk food all day, as long as you ate less calories then you burned (I did this with popcorn).


6)    Give it your all – Whatever types of exercise you decide on, make sure you are giving it your 110%. Yes, we know it hurts and it takes effort but there are ways to make exercise fun such as walking while playing Pokémon Go for example. We each need to find what exercise times best fit our schedules and what type of exercises we can enjoy doing for the long haul, as it would be pointless spending money on a boot camp where you didn’t get along with the classmates or you hated your instructor.


7)   It really is a lifestyle – Lastly, after you have achieved your goal, the hardest thing is not losing your progress that you worked so hard for. We all lose focus on our goals sometimes (not talking about cheat days), the important thing is that we realize this and keep working towards a healthier body. The first few months after you achieve your goal is where you have to be careful not to forget how far that you have come.


So those are some quick tips that you should always be able to play on your body transformation. You can look back to this site to further help you when it comes to food recipes and exercise tips and advice. Now get out there and be the best that you can be!