Hello there! My name is Desmond and I am the admin here at fitness and games. I work on a regional level as performance manager in a global construction company. Like many of you, I have struggled a lot trying to stay fit and healthy. Just last year I hit my threshold of reaching 240 lbs (not the most ideal weight for someone at 6′ 0″). My transformation then followed where I was able to lose 65 pounds in a one year span with the majority of it coming off in my first six months.

Aside from trying to stop myself from becoming overweight again, my favourite past time is that which is also probably shared among many of you..playing video games. I could spend (in fact I have) entire days playing video games. I absolutely love every genre of video game out there from the indie rpg to the polished shooter. Playing games is my outlet to escape reality and to be able to relieve my stresses from my personal and work life.

My goal here on this site is to give you all the best fitness tips and recipes combined with the best gaming reviews, tips and news. I want you to not have to go to different sites to find out information for losing weight then having to go to another site to look up an upcoming game. Together with your participation I hope that fitness and games can become that site for you!