For Honor Alpha Review

For King & Country!

The For Honor Alpha has come on gone over the past weekend and I was one of the lucky few to be able to get their hands on it. I have followed the development of this game for some time, so of course I was very excited when I got my alpha key in the mail.

For Honor is a third person hack and slash game that is being developed by Ubisoft. It is set in the medieval era that includes knights, vikings, and samurais. The stand out quality of the game is its combat system called “The Art of Battle,” which is aimed at providing more realism to the player.

So let us get underway with the review.

One Dummy at a Time


The alpha starts you off within a tutorial zone before letting you madly chop other players. The tutorial was quite short, but it teaches you all the basics you need to know before stepping out in the battlefield. As you can see from the photo on the right, I had to start learning how to defend myself against future attackers. One thing that I wish the tutorial showed us was how to use the combos that each character has, but we will get more on that later.

What we had to work with


For Honor’s Alpha included 3 playable characters, with another 3 characters that could be unlocked with in-game currency. Each character has their own unique play style when it comes to combat and special abilities. I started off picking the samurai, but later found out that I prefer the knights due to their more straightforward combat and damaging abilities (not trying to say I suck here). I also tested out the berseker, a character needing to be purchased in-game, and found that he put out a lot of damage but his lack of range affected my play style.


There were three game modes available during the alpha and each could be played PvP or against bots. Each game mode had the same three maps, which I got quite accustomed to. The maps consisted of three capture points and multiple lanes to travel along. I also enjoyed how they incorporated ladders into the game to add a sense of verticality in the maps.


Strike them Down!


The clip above showcases the combat system in the For Honor Alpha while providing me with an outlet to prove that I do not suck at this game. Combat consists of holding up your guard to one of three sides and either matching your opponent’s guard to block his strike or pick a different side to land a strike of your own. The primary ways of dealing damage is either with light or heavy attacks, yet each character has their own set of unique combos, which are not explained in the tutorial. On the bottom left of the screen you can see one of four icons, these function as your active abilities and are unique to each character. The knight I was using in this video has a flash-bang for her first ability which stuns the opponent allowing me to get some easy shots in. Yes, the knight I was using is a girl.

Customize for Victory!


When I was not dominating the battlefield, I was customizing the weapon and armor of my favourite character. There are many customization options which can be unlocked by buying either armour or weapon packs via in-game currency. None of the customization is purely for aesthetic reasons, meaning each piece of armour you wear will make your character more durable in the battlefield. The amount of customization options available to me was quite impressive to have during this alpha stage.


Bring it Home

I really enjoyed playing the For Honor Alpha and I look forward to seeing more developments in the future. The unique system was quite interesting, but may get rather repetitive in the future. I am hoping that there will be a beta, and that I can take part in that as well. It will be interesting to see how Ubisoft has reacted to the comments given from the alpha. For Honor is a game to keep on the watch list for sure and stay tuned to Fitness and Games for more updates.

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