I am Setsuna Combat and Leveling Tips

Before we begin going over some I am Setsuna tips for combat and leveling, I would like to point out that the following images will contain minor spoilers from the game.

Setsuna Spritnite

So, you started playing I am Setsuna or are thinking about starting and are wondering about some quick tips to help you through the game? Well let us go over a simple overview of where these tips come from in the game.

The game uses spritnite as a way of learning abilities and combos with your other party members. Using this system to its full advantage is where my tips for you come in.


So let us get started then shall we?

Tip #1: Using “Wall” to its fullest

Setsuna Wall

My first tip for you can be accessed very early in the game, and it comes from using only one ability. That move is wall which the main character learns quite early on in the game. Using the move wall generates a physical and magical shield around the character it was cast on, which pretty much means that the character becomes invulnerable for a period of time.

But, if used with momentum mode, the skill applies to your entire party. This skill becomes invaluable as the game progresses, especially on harder boss fights, and should be used whenever you are fighting tougher enemies. This skill will only last a few turns on each party member depending on how much damage they’ve taken, which means you will need to cast it a few times for those longer fights.

Later on in the game, wall can be combined with another party member to form a combo move that functions exactly as if wall was used in momentum mode. In my opinion, instead of having to wait for both party members to be ready, it is much easier to just use wall with momentum mode.

Tip #2: Strike fear with “blowbeat”
Setsuna Blow Beat

The best combo move to use for damage is blowbeat, you also learn this early on in the game and it does not need any extra skills to be purchased. To use this move, you need both Endir and Ndir in your party. Blowbeat causes damage to every foe and when used with momentum mode, it adds more physical damage and can add negative status effects to your enemies. This move will help clear mobs very fast and it also makes boss fighting a breeze.


Tip #3: Level up by fighting the dark

Level grinding is not absolutely necessary in this game (especially if you follow the above two tips), however there are some good spots in the game. I am Setsuna makes it easy for you to know which areas are best by providing “dark” types of enemies. In your travels throughout the game, you will come across darker colour models of the same enemies that you have fought before. These dark enemies are quite a bit stronger, but they provide a lot more xp and gold. The most optimal spots for these dark enemies is on a map where the entrance/exit is quickly accessible so you can leave the map and come back to the spawn easily.

Hopefully, these tips were able to help you out in your journey through I am Setsuna. If you found anything else that worked for you please let us know in the comments. Now get out there and start one-shotting those mobs!

Setsuna Farm Spot



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