Butterfly Snack Packs for Kids!

Butterfly Snack Packs

This is a great quick and fun snack idea for parents on the go! Coming from an Early Childhood Educator, I can’t stress enough about introducing your child to healthy snacks. Since most daycares, preschools, and public schools enforce a strict “healthy food” program, parents are required to take initiative to pack healthy lunches and snacks. This is a creative way to get your child excited to look into their lunch bags!

Not only does the paper clip allow you to separate the fruits and veggies from the dry snacks, it’s wonderful for portion control and variety. As tempting as it is to throw in a quick granola bar, allowing your child to have choices encourages their healthy eating habits as well as their confidence!

First, you can decorate the wooden clothes pin with googley eyes and pipe cleaners. I like to get the child to make this part since it encourages their creativity and independence while working with you.

After separating your snacks into each sides of the small Ziploc bags, you can secure the clothes pin right down the middle of the bag. Don’t forget to zip the bag shut before you secure the clothes pin!



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