Review on “The Masala Bhangra Workout” with Sarina Jain

As a dancer, it is essential that we keep up our fitness routine on a regular basis. When it comes to performing or working out, practice and consistency are key! Since a lot of us may not have time to travel to a gym or even a work out class, here is a great way to work out in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Here is a review on a Masala Bhangra workout DVD choreographed and run by Sarina Jain. Links to purchase this DVD will be here.

This workout session has four blocks and include the warm up and cool down, which is essential in any workout. She begins the video introducing herself and the course by a warm up. This warm up focuses on easy going cardio to get comfortable with the music and style of dance. She gives off a positive vibe for first time dancers, or anyone who has not been exposed to Bhangra.

One thing that I love about this session is that she is consistently talking and encouraging users while she is performing the steps herself. As any dancer would know, talking and dancing takes a lot more work and energy! Her video starts off with low impact and simple dance moves that can be easily followed. Sarina Jain narrates different names for her moves according to how it looks, for example the “hurricane” requires jumping side to side followed by a quick turn at the end.

Another plus to this video is that the dance moves performed target the entire body. Not only do I sweat buckets from all the cardio, I can feel the muscles in my legs, arms, neck, shoulders, and core being worked. Fear not, she does give time for water breaks! She is able to balance low impact moves with higher impact and more complex steps as the video goes on.

Dancers are able to learn three separate combinations in the first three blocks, and add them all together in the last block. Her moves are broken down to isolate the leg movements from the arm movements so it is easier to pick up. I highly recommend this fun and energetic workout DVD for users who would rather work out at home.


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