Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

Pokémon Go, the new mobile game from Niantic has been released for a month now. However, it barely provides any information to guide you though your journey to being the very best. Like many others, I’d started out catching Rattatas and Pidgeys and spinning Pokéstops. Through my adventure I have picked up some tips and tricks that might help you, no matter if new or old to the game.


Screenshot_20160818-012608By using Lucky Eggs, which doubles all experience gained for 30 minutes, you can gain about 60k experience points.  One evolution gives 500exp, which is then doubled to 1k exp thanks to the Lucky Egg. To do this, you will need enough candies and Pokémon to evolve. One evolution takes about 22 seconds to complete, so you can get more than 60 evolutions if you’re fast enough. Also, the experience is applied right when you click Evolve, so if you have a second left on your egg, you will still get the double exp.

Curve balls and excellent shots can add up to a bit of experience.

Make sure to save your stardust, preferably until you hit level 20, as it gets a lot harder to level afterwards.  Furthermore, the Pokémon you get before level 20 will be outmatched by newer Pokémon you catch.


The PokéRadar, which had its issues shortly after its release, has now been fixed. It now clears the Pokémon that have already left your radius, or have despawned. Before, I had to reset the game in order to make it function properly again. The radar has a radius of about 150m, which is a pretty small distance. This system of hunting for Pokémon is really fun and can be rewarding. I hear that Niantic are making improvements in future updates, and hope they increase the distance.

Catching Pokémon

Screenshot_2016-08-17-18-41-15Once you’ve located your Pokémon, it’s time to catch it. Use your Razz Berries and Ultra Balls to improve your catch rate. Throwing the ball with a curve can be more accurate than just a toss of the ball. It’s easier to determine where the ball will hit, and can be used with one hand on the phone (unless the Pokémon are really far away, but the recent update seems to have made it easier to throw further balls).

Another neat trick is by
turning on AR (augmented reality), and positioning your phone so that the Pokémon is located closer to you, making a far shot a lot closer. (Placing it in the bottom left can make your curve shots a lot easier)

Pokémon Power Level

Each Pokémon has different stats, which are measured as IVs (Individual Values). The new appraise from the team leader can be a quick way to determine if you’re Pokémon is strong, average, or weak. Note that the team leader will say two different phrases for each of these ranges. The team leader’s appraisal can be a vague way to determine the Pokémon exact strength, so I suggest using the more accurate calculators that can be found on the Internet, for the more dedicated players out there.  You might want to use these calculators when evolving Magikarps, as it’s a huge investment to catch 100 of them for a Gyarados. Furthermore, Pokemon hatched from eggs will yield higher IVs.


I find that while walking in a popular area, you can catch as Screenshot_20160817-200806much as you would sitting down at 3 lured Pokéstops. This method also utilizes your eggs and your PokéRadar. Moreover, rarer Pokémon spawns in more popular areas.

Lures spawns Pokemon at Pokéstops every 2 minutes for 30 minutes. You don’t have to be touching the stop to get the lured Pokemon, as the radius of the circle you see is for getting Pokéstops.  However, the detection of Pokémon is about 10 percent greater than that. Even in a crowded place where everyone is hovered over the lures, you can place yourself somewhere comfortable and still the get benefit of the lure.

Keeping Stocked

Screenshot_20160817-200027Poké Balls are like your battery life while playing this game, it will be hard to keep up with the number of Pokémon if you don’t plan your route. This is also harder after the new update, which generates more Pokémon along your route.

I’ve constantly found myself using Great Balls on Weedles and Pidgeys, as I am constantly running out of regular Poké Balls. Keeping around 10 to 20 Hyper Potions and Revives, and about 50 Razz Berries, can leave you with more room for Poké Balls.

A way to stock up is to click on Pokéstops while you’re on the bus, or find a passenger who will kindly click on Pokéstops as you drive. While doing this, it’s not worth it to catch every Pokémon you see, or you’ll be missing a lot of Pokéstops.


There are various items you could buy at the shop, but the most lasting items will be the upgrades: bag and Pokémon storage. You will definitely want your first purchase to be the bag, as more storage means more Poké Balls, more Pokémon, more hours at lures, more walking around to get Poké Balls, more Poké Balls…

Gym Leaders

There are three teams in the game, Mystic, Valor, and Instinct. There are perks in joining a less popular team.  For instance, if you find the same colour gym that’s full, you will not be able to join unless you level up the gym via training. It is harder to do than battling, as you will only have one Pokémon when training.

Gyms are places where you can compete with other Pokémon, with the most useful part of them being the ability to get coins. To do so, ”drop in” a Pokémon to hold the gym, and go to the shop to collect 500 stardust and 10 coins for gym you’re holding, up to a maximum of 10 captured gyms! Because Pokémon Go is really popular, it’ll be hard to hold more than one gym at once, so use your best judgment when cashing in. The timer resets every 21 hours, which gives you a 3 hour leeway to play everyday at the same time.

A trick to getting into a gym is to sneak your Pokémon into it after someone has defeated the last Pokémon. As an Instinct player, it’s almost impossible to fight a gym and get it at the same time, as Valors and Mystics are everywhere. Or, have a friend claim the gym after you’ve defeated it. Furthermore, Pokémon will need to be at full health before battling or joining a gym.


To make the most out of your blue incubators, which have limited uses, use the blue ones to hatch the 5 or 10 km eggs. This is because it’ll be a waste to hatch three 2 km eggs (6 km) than three 10 km eggs (30 km), algebra!

Driving doesn’t register your distance traveled, as the game will only register if you are going under 20 km. It will still register some distance while you’re under those speeds.

Keeping that Addiction

The best part is sharing moments with friends while playing, and the Pokémon caught will have the same stats except for the CPs. You can also name your Pokémon to remember those times you caught those rare Pokémon on those restless nights.


Its really enjoyable when you’re playing the same game that about 1/10 of the people near you are. You will sometimes see a sea of Pokémon Go players moving in one direction, then moving to another to locate a rare Pokémon.

I hope some of these tips will help you along your way to becoming the very best. Feel free to share your tips in the comment below.



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