An Alternative to Gloves – No More Sweaty Wrists


Calluses are no stranger to many people who lift weights at the gym or at home. For me it is a case of not wanting to wear weight lifting gloves as they leave my wrists very sweaty or squeeze too tight on certain spots of my hand. After trying a few different gloves from my local store, I started to browse on Amazon for top rated gloves that I was going to try. While looking for my search, I was recommended a product that changed the way I lift at the gym. I found a product that had over a thousand reviews and a 4.5 star rating.



Let me introduce you to the grip power pads

These bad boys have saved my hands and made it feel more comfortable when it comes to working out. Each grip fits in your palm and can be used for any exercise that you are doing. The best part about the grips is that they are not always wrapped around your hand and wrist and can be removed with ease. The longer I kept my gloves on the sweatier my wrists would get, which would then lead to a lot of rashes. I hated having to constantly take off my gloves for certain exercises and then put them back on later.

When I first saw these online, I was skeptical about them and to see if they actually worked. Now, after trying them for a few months, I cannot workout without them. One of the cool things is that I am able to share these grips with my workout partner very easily. I would personally recommend the firm grips for anyone who likes the comfort of heavy padded weight lifting gloves. When I lift weights with these grips, I feel like I can get a tighter grip around that barbell due to the fact that there isn’t unnecessary padding blocking the way.  The padding is exactly where you need it at the point of contact in your palms.

I hope this post will be able to help you if you’re having the same problem as me at the gym. For my fellow Canadian friends, the link to buy these off Amazon will be here.

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  1. I absolutely agree with how easy these grips are to use. What sold me towards this product is how versatile it is for everyone. You can easily change positions comfortably while having that security needed for safe and proper lifting without having to worry about buying different sizes.. because let’s face it, some of us don’t fit the standard “small medium large” sizing scales. The material is definitely comfortable for someone like myself who has sensitive skin. Since my hands don’t get uncomfortably sweaty, there is no worries for my hands to break out into rashes and calluses. I love how light weight these grips are and how easy they are to clean. I throw them into the machine but you can also hand wash them very easily. I am definitely happy with this purchase!

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