Starbound – Getting good gear fast

Starbound has officially released as 1.0 and to help progress you through the story a little easier, I shall be explaining my tip for getting better gear no matter what stage you are at in the game. I posted a brief description of this on Reddit not to long ago, but I’ll go into further detail here.


My lack of creativity

My lack of creativity

The easiest way to get better gear in the game is to  just colonize the moon. As you may already know, when you place a colony deed on a planet you can occasionally collect rent from your tenants and they will sometimes give you quests to follow. However, the rarity of the reward/rent you get is dependent on the threat level of the given planet you are on. As of right now, the highest tier of threat level on a planet is 6. All moons say that their threat level is “unknown”, which puts it at a threat level of 10 in game. Doing quests for your citizens is also much easier on the moon as there is nothing around, so the only quests you will get involve giving them certain items or to talk to other citizens within the same colony.

There are a few things that you must know before you go ahead and starting building your own moon colony that looks way better then mine *cough cough..work in progress*.

  • Mining the purple gas crystals or liquids will summon the scary ghost
  • Create your base underground to avoid meteor showers destroying it
  • Creating a room with a lot of crates and chests will spawn a merchant that sells you really good armor

So okay, the moon has a threat level of 10, what does this all mean to me? It means exactly what the title says , have citizens will drop the best weapons and gear you can possibly find during your adventures in Starbound (except for legendary boss weapons). I was having a tough time progressing through the story of Starbound, simply because I kept getting killed by the mobs of monsters. However, now I am a duel wand wielding bad ass who decimates any foe he comes across.level 10 staff

Hopefully this helps you in your journey of Starbound. If you have any questions or would like to know more about colonies comment below.



  1. Is level ten the highest equipment in the game? Or is it only the highest you can get with the colonies?

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